Prevention of Adverse Consequences of Floods on the river Zhonka

The action was supported by a micro grant from the project “Conservation and Sustainable Development of the Ukrainian Carpathians” funded by the World Wide Found (WWF) and was implemented in April – June, 2011.

The main aims of the project were:

  • Prevention of the negative impact of natural events (flash floods) on the territory of Yaremche municipality, promotion of environmental balance and sustainability of the adjusted protected areas;
  • Enhancing the environmental culture of the local population and visitors in terms of dealing with litter while having rest in the nature and house garbage in everyday life;
  • Creation of  favorable conditions for the development of tourism business as a key element of local economic development through the conservation of the environment  and better readiness for natural emergencies.

Both theoretical and practical activities were implemented within the project. Artificial waterfall built on the creek Zhonka will slow down the water stream during thunderstorms ans spring floods and will help prevent bank erosion. The informational and educational activities taken by the project encouraged stakeholders and target audience to focus the attention on local environmental issues and the need to work together.