Co-operation for the Sake of Environment of Yaremche Region

The project has been implemented in May-October, 2011 due to a small grant from the Democracy Grants Program of the United States Embassy in Kyiv. The Carpathian National Nature Park, the PLAST National Scouting Organization and the non-profit organization MAMA-86 were the partners of the project.

Some positive results of the project are the following:

  • The degree of co-operation of stakeholders interested in environmental issues was enhanced due to the roundtables held within the project. A local program of sanitary situation improvement was developed and approved by Mykulychyn village council as a side-result of the roundtable #2. In total, 63 persons participated in the project roundtables, including representatives of local governments, environment protection entities, bread&breakfast owners, non-profit organizations and the mass media.
  • The high-scale advertisement campaign conducted under the project allowed to attract public attention to the existing environmental issues. The International Year of Forests proclaimed by the UN for 2011 was chosen as the main theme of the campaign, together with the slogan – Future of forests means future for all. 200 posters were printed and distributed among the local tourists’ lodgings and organizations and 250 T-shirts were produced and disseminated among the project events participants and volunteers. The outdoor advertisement campaign lasted for 5 months using city-lights (8 items), billboards (2 items), and on school buses (12 vehicles). An estimated 300,000 audience were covered by the campaign, including local citizens and visitors.
  • The two volunteer events aimed to clean the Zhonka river banks and the Zhinochi Slyozy touristic trail contributed to the overall improvement of the local ecological situation. 48 young people participated in the events (school students and youth organizations’ members), collecting 46 large sacks of garbage.
  • Twelve educational tours were conducted by the project for school students, offering them new experience and comprehensive information on the natural diversity and richness of their land, as well as on environmental issues threatening it. 313 children and teenagers from Yaremche region and from outside participated in the tours.
  • The artificial waterfall was constructed, which will allow to prevent banks erosion during the high-water seasons in the future.
  • Twenty informational and educational boards were installed on the territory of the Carpathian National Nature Park, reminding visitors about the need of respectful attitude toward the environment, particularly forests and rivers.
  • The project were covered in the local traditional media and web-sites and a 14-minutes video film was produced. It allowed to widen the overall audience of the project activities for extra 30,000 people.