In March 2020 Center for Social and Business Initiatives started the implementation of the project “Personnel Development and Marketing Agency” financing of the Government of Canada through the Partnership for Local Economic Development and Democratic Governance Project (PLEDDG). The PLEDDG Project is being implemented by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) with the financial support of the Global Affairs Canada.

Project duration is 8 months.

Project goal is enhancing the effectiveness of private entrepreneurs and small enterprises of Yaremche region by using modern technologies of effective business promotion, and employment of qualified workforce to provide a competitive advantage over the large market players and other tourist regions.

Project objectives:

  1. Create the “Personnel Development and Marketing Agency” city training center.
  2. Organize job training programs for the tourism business.
  3. Hold the final conference.

Upon completion of the project, the Personnel Development and Marketing Agency will operate on the basis of the Center for Social and Business Initiatives. Funding for the courses will be drawn from local businesses and local government budgets (in particular from Tourism Development Programs through the annual initiative to include such expenditures in local budget expenditures).

Partnership for Local Economic Development and Democratic Governance Project (PLEDDG) is a 6-year technical assistance project implemented by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) and financed by Global Affairs Canada. The project aims to strengthen Ukraine’s municipal sector by increasing capacities in 16 Ukrainian cities to advance local democracy and economic development. The Project will strengthen local democracy through implementing an open government model and ensuring transparent and effective decision making by local government, create enabling conditions for the creation and growth of small and medium-sized enterprises, with a focus on women entrepreneurs, facilitate decentralization of authorities and integrated development planning at the local, regional and national levels. PLEDDG will also promote green municipal environment for Ukrainian cities, trade and investment between Canada and Ukraine and contribute to Canada-Poland coordinated engagement with Ukraine.